Do you know those people? You know, the ones who tell long and winded stories. Not necessarily good stories, but rather stories just for the sake of hearing their own voice.

We all know those people; we are those people. We force content down people’s throats, assuming they’re interested. And while they may have been interested in the beginning, they certainly are not know, especially after you’ve gone on and on and on …

We cannot become like them. 

We need to learn how to tell a powerful and effecient story. People will automatically give you fifteen seconds, but not much more. So from the moment a user lands on your website, to the second they visit you in person, you need to remember the one key to keep people coming back for more: The Screenshot Rule.

The Screen Shot rule is simple: 

  • A screenshot is whatever content is immediately in front of your user.
  • It is not what is below the screenshot, the areas you need to scroll to.
  • 70% of all activity via apps and websites are done within this screenshot.
  • 92% of all activity is done through the main menu.
  • Keep your main point, your call to action, and their next right step, clearly visible and immediate upon any and all visits.

A lot of our content strategies do not reflect this rule. We cram our sites full of information and beautiful imagery, yet our audience just wants simple bits of knowledge and a single way to take their next right step.

If your audience had a response to your online strategies, it would be: “Just give it to me straight.” They want the information they came to look for in the palm of their hand, immediately. You cannot make them hunt for it, because they won’t. Don’t put it in click-triggers, because they will opt-out. Give them what they want, when they want it.

If you remember the screenshot rule, then your audience will remember you. Set it up right from the start, and you will keep your audience coming back for more, visit after visit, from online visitor, to in-person guest.