Life Post-Easter

It was inspiring to see so many posts roll in throughout the weekend, celebrating the work of God through Easter services. Large and small churches alike shared stories of change, renewal, and baptisms. As someone who is on the ground in ministry at a local church, I get the Easter pressure; I bet you do too.

It’s easy to get caught up in the weekend of Easter, and forget that the work of Easter is ongoing.

As church leaders, we plan months for Easter. Next to Christmas, there is no other day in the church calendar where those far from God are more receptive to the message of Jesus. We up our game, absolutely nail our Easter message, and plow head down into the week after Easter with all the follow-up. But can I give you some advice as someone who has been in ministry for 20 years?

Let God be God.

You have done your best and got people to church. You have marketed well and served God honorably this weekend. Your message was on point, your music was inspiring, and your church community was exactly what it needed to be.

Now it’s on God. After all, it’s the Spirit’s job to work in the hearts of people … right?

Before you step into the office this week, pick up that phone or write up that email, pray. Pray that the people who heard your message this weekend would be receptive to listen to His message this week; that the people God is calling home would be faithful and respond in obedience. As my mentor would say, “Do your best and take a nap.

There’s zero pressure on you. 

You did great. Your church responded. People heard the Gospel, some for the first time. Now pray for them, pastor your church, and get ready for God to move in the hearts and lives of those He is calling home. May it be this way at your church this week, next week, and every week after.