We start with the end in mind, but we understand that in most cases, our end is only the beginning for you.

Sunday night, Facebook feeds in San Diego were replete with baptism pictures and videos. To say that God was on full display would be a drastic understatement.

When God comes into a life, He changes it completely.

He never does things halfway. He goes the distance. No stone left unturned and no old life left over.

Our end is a launching point for you. We aim to resource you with the tools you need to tell the most effective story possible.

If our goal stopped with your beginning, we would miss the joy that is the church. While we help you share your story better, we stay in your dugout, constantly refining your message over time.

As we do that, we have the honor and privilege to share in lives changing for Him.

When that happens, it’s not just your story, it’s our story, and it most definitely is God’s story. Thank you for letting us be a part of it.