It’s safe to say that if you’re not engaging your audience on social media, you’re missing a huge opportunity. With more than 90% of your audience connected to the internet, and most with smartphones, your audience is craving information. In fact, they want your information; they just don’t know what you have to say.

Understand that they crave it, and they demand it according to their preferences or context, like choosing Pinterest over Facebook, and Twitter over Instagram, etc … What we are saying is that the demographics of your audience will determine which social media platforms to utilize. Here’s the thing: No matter the context, you need to be actively engaged in it, of for no other reason than your audience is engaged in it. Do this, and integrate it with your website, and your SEO (search engine optimization) just went through the roof.

The question here is a simple one: “How can I engage my audience at maximum efficiency?”

Everypost is what you need.

Everypost gives you the opportunity to post to multiple social media platforms at once, which saves A LOT of your precious time. But saving time isn’t the only benefit. Drag and drop image loading makes including pictures a breeze, url shorteners trim down the url fat, and the ability to schedule an unlimited amount of posts help keep you focused on your engagement.

If you are like us, you’re in a mobile-heavy office environment. That where the beauty of the Everypost app comes into play. It’s not only incredibly user friendly and looks absolutely beautiful, it’s functionally near perfect (Sidenote: Our team actually prefers the app to the website). For free you get a load of options, and for just $10 a month, you get unlimited everything and the potential to scale large.

Bottom Line.

While you can set your phone to remind you to post on social media, your time is better spent engaging and not posting. It’s time to work hard and smart, and use a social media management platform to your advantage. For us, we choose Everypost.

PS: And if Everypost is not your cup of tea, there’s always the tried and true Hootsuite. They’ve been around for the longest, and offer a great value just like Everypost. Whatever you do, maximize yourself and utilize these tools and watch your productivity soar, and your engagement easier.