Project Timeline Flowchart

Do you know who does what and when for your next project? 

We’re not here to judge; we’re here to help. Sometimes we put the cart before the horse. Sometimes the cart is out in the distance without a horse. Not every church can afford an admin and not every admin knows how to run an event, manage a project, or keep people on-task. That’s fine, and it’s why we want to help you today.

We want to share with you our Project Timeline Flowchart. This flowchart can help you manage a project like a boss! It helps you ask the right questions so you can get your intended results.

If you hope to get to a place where you can measure success, then you need a system that will help you get there. 

Earlier this week we shared with you a post on Project Objectives and Timelines. We discussed the principles of analytics, why they matter, and how you can use them to growth-hack your systems.

Today we want you to get to that point with our flowchart by answering the four essential questions in project management:

  1. What needs to be communicated?
  2. Who will be the one communicating?
  3. Who are they communicating with?
  4. How are they communicating?

You can switch out “communicating” for a myriad of verbs, but the points remain true; there are specific questions that must be asked every step along the way. It’s your job to ask these questions, write them down, and create the right system that works for you. Once you’ve got this dialed in according your people and their strengths, you can go out on message and communicate a more effective strategy that will ultimately end up with results.

And you know what’s great about results? If you’ve got a system in place, then you can measure them!

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