Rest is Good. Do it.

Sometimes you need a good break in the back. Sadly, when a 250 pound construction worker runs straight through you during a double play, these things happen. And when you compound this injury by going on a roller-coaster with your kids, it only makes things worse. Fast forward two weeks, steroids and muscle relaxers, and things are just now better. While it’s easy to bemoan the down time and the 105 emails that sit undone, it’s also a time to reflect on where you are and where God wants to take you. Here are some highlights of that reflection.

  1. Rest is good for the body. Coffee is great and all, but there is no better cure for constant sleep deprivation than sleep. Rest is restorative and can help rebuild the creative center in the brain. Running on empty serves no one: not your current clients, your perspective clients, and certain not your team. If you need a down time or vacation, then take one. People will not miss you that much, and your body and process can really use it.
  2. Rest is good for your mind. Unrested, your mind processes slower, has fewer ideas, and the synapses that connect think and do become frail and slow. Rest changes everything. It brings your brain back to a new normal and allows you a new baseline from which to work from. There is a fine line between hustle and plain jacked, and while we encourage everyone out there to master the art of the hustle, we implore you to learn the difference between hustle and burnt out.
  3. Rest is good for your creativity. Think about your best work ever, and whether that was done while fully rested or running on empty. How about your best idea? What about the one thing you’ve always wished you could do? Can you do it while running on coffee or no sleep, or will it require all of you? To do it well, your idea will need everything you are. It’s what separates the big kids and little tikes. Take the training wheels off, learn the best practices for your personal creativity, and kick it in the bud. You can do it, but it will take all of you. So give yourself over to it, refreshed and ready to take on a new challenge.

Because of this rest we now have, you’ll notice some things around here begin to change. We will create more white papers for you, so we can share our knowledge with you, specific to your contexts. We will create a new membership’s section that is and will always be free, where all our information and courses are centrally located. We will be launching a few cross-market opportunities for you that will help grow your church, ministry, and business, because we start and end with the church. We are the one stop shop for all your church needs, and we want to give you all our best stuff, free.

Now go enjoy your weekend, and rest.