Start with the End in Mind

While at Exponential West with STADIA, we had the opportunity to sit down and talk with James Gray, pastor and visionary of Mosaic Missional Movement. As we discussed life, church planting and church planting movements, you could not help put hear his passion push through his voice and into the people that sat around him. The more he spoke about the church God is birthing through his vision, the more people leaned in to listen.

James Gray is a pastor who is starting off right: He has a compelling vision for a new church in a hard to reach area in Ohio, and he knows what it will take in people power to get it done. But, how many others are like that? How many truly know how to accomplish the God-sized dreams God has placed inside of them?

You will never have enough resources to accomplish your vision. 

God-sized dreams will always outpace capital; that’s where visioneering capacity steps in. If you have the vision and the drive to accomplish the vision, the right people will fall in line to help you accomplish these dreams.

Always chase opportunities in order to fulfill your dreams.

The key to James’ success is not just in his compelling vision, but also in the ability to network like-minded people together who dare to dream with him, in order to see a movement begin in Alliance, OH. This is being fleshed out in not only his now-forming management team, but also in individuals and supporting churches who are now dreaming big dreams with James.

What you start with, is what you end up with. 

James is starting off with the end in mind: a movement of people who are far from God, coming back home to Jesus in Alliance, OH. He is sold out and uncompromising on this God-birthed vision, and together, we will see it come to fruition. Why? Because the people are showing up, the opportunities are being taken advantage of, and the vision is staying true with the end in mind.

If you are a church planter wondering how to share your story better, look James up and listen to his story. Then when you are ready, get back with us and let’s figure out how to make your dreams a reality.