Success is Sexy and You Are Not

While both mission and vision are good, success is great and the number one indicator of continued success.

Past is prologue, right? 

There’s this huge misnomer in leadership development, in that your mission and vision are the most critical component of your future growth. While they are critical, they are not imperative; success is.

We say past is prologue, because the greatest determination factor for future success is past success. And the easiest way to gain momentum is to already have it.

  • If you are building teams, the greatest way to build new teams is to currently have solid existing teams.
  • If you are raising capital, the easiest way to raise more is to have a significant bucket from influential donors.

Your personal track record is the biggest indicator of corporate success. 

  • Vision is hope.
  • Mission is strategy.
  • Success is momentum.

If you could pick only of those above, which one would you pick? You could rally the troops around vision, but if you have no rudder to provide direction or momentum to keep them moving, your vision will wander off the rails and falter. Mission will provide you with a framework to grow, but if you cannot provide a goal (vision), then you will wander aimlessly because no one knows where they are going.

You want (need) momentum.

Nothing encourages success more than success. 

Your continued success breeds contagious momentum that those looking for a place to belong fund attractive (sexy). Once you have momentum, you can present the end goal (vision) and the process for how to accomplish this (mission).

What is the one thing preventing momentum in your life?