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The One Secret to Generosity Success, with Greg Nettle

Join us for this short 7 minute video where we sit down and talk with Greg Nettle, President of STADIA and author of the new book “Small Matters”. In just seven minutes he will tell you why the church needs to be generous, how he models it organizationally for STADIA, and what you need to…

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Gratefulness in Generosity

Cultivating the soil of new donors can take years of relational investing before the ‘yes’ comes. It would be easy to focus so much on getting to the ‘yes’ that you forget about what absolutely must come after the ‘yes’. And if you don’t, your donors will quit long before you (or they) are ready.…

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Small Matters Book

Do you want to get a copy of Greg Nettle’s new book “Small Matters” the week it’s released for FREE? Just enter your name and email address and we will pick three names at random and announce it on Friday April 15th. *UPDATED – We have three winners!!! Courtney M. Erica S. Heidi H. To…

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Generosity Matters

I walked into my home office and found an envelope lying on the keyboard of my laptop computer.  On the front of the envelope it simply said, “For God’s churches.” Just a few weeks prior, after serving as Senior Pastor of RiverTree Christian Church for twenty-five years, I announced that I would be transitioning into…

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Storytelling in Generosity

“In the great green room, There was a telephone, And a red balloon And a picture of – The cow jumping over the moon …” – Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown People remember a good story. Stories are the ties that bind over generations. They’re the things told on front stoops on hot August nights, over hot chocolate…

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Your Free MoGiv eBook

Delivered as promised, your free eBook on “What Every Church Needs to Know about Recurring Giving” from our friends at MoGiv. Like us, they’re incredibly kingdom minded. And whether you’re a current client of theirs or not, they want to help you grow a generosity culture in your church. Online giving, text giving, kiosks, mobile…

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