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The One Secret to Generosity Success, with Leighton Cusack

Join us for this 10 minute video as church generosity expert Leighton Cusack (President and CEO from Kindrid), gives us his keys to the kingdom and shows us how we all can take the next right step in our ministries.

To get your brain going in the right direction, here are some notes.

  • Generosity is not zero sum.
  • Do not believe the lie that there is a limit to generosity.
  • You can always increase giving by pulling from a different pocket.
  • You unleash generosity by increasing the overall giving pie.
  • Technology is the one piece that hold giving back.
  • Is your tech smooth and fast?
  • Does your technology support multiple campaigns?
  • What happens when they give?
  • How is it automated?

People come for the task but stay for the relationship

What about pockets? 

  • People give to projects.
  • People give to affinity.
  • People give to vision.