The Project Objective Filter


Why do you do what you do and how do you do it? 

Burger King and McDonalds have hundreds of options while In N Out just has a few. While one wants a more complete menu, the other wants a better burger. It’s the difference between attempting to satisfy everyone on the planet versus your specific audience.

Working your team through the Project Objective Filter destroys the fluff and hones in on the necessary. It refines the mission in terms that are applicable to reaching your people right where they are at.

Earlier in the week we discussed this process in the post, Completing the Next Right Step. We want to help you both seal the deal and deliver on the deal. That post is the why behind it all. This is all about the how.

As you take your team through the Project Objective Filter, you will ultimately end up building greater missional cohesion with your team and a more focused objective, one that you can rally behind, and one that actually works.

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