How to Define the Role of Your Small Groups Director

While not exhaustive, I want to lay out a role description that is descriptive more than prescriptive. The goal is to give you a starting point for your church leadership rather than a "do this" format. What you will find as you seek to narrow the focus of your small groups director is that the role is concentrated on the specialty of leading people within the context of small groups. This person will wake up thinking about one primary thing, and go to sleep with a desire to dream about how to make the process more accessible for their community, because they believe in it more than anything else.

Make sure your role description covers the following: 

  1. What specific "x" this person must accomplish.
  2. Boundaries as to how they accomplish their "x".
  3. Goals they must achieve in order to know they are wining with "x".

If you can write a role that covers these three "x" markers, then you will have written a role description that helps your church accomplish their task of online and in-person groups, and one that sets your director up for success.


The Small Group director leads our church’s efforts to build biblical community. The ideal leader should be a Christian leader with experience shepherding and developing small group ministries.


  • Care for and oversee the church’s small group ministry.
  • Develop and maintain a small group strategy that aligns with the overall vision of the church.
  • Develop and maintain a system of support for small group leaders and coaches.
  • Establish an ongoing training program for small group leaders.
  • Recruit and train new small group leaders and coaches.
  • Create a strategy for involving more of the congregation in small group ministries.


  • At least 3 years experience on staff in a leadership capacity at a local church.
  • Demonstrated experience training others in ministry activity.
  • A relational and engaging personality that tends to value people over the rote completion of tasks.
  • Experience with multiple types of small group strategies, focusing on online small groups and in-person home groups.
  • A personal history of small group involvement.
  • A commitment to the mission of the church.