How to Promote Online Small Groups

After you watch the video, you can download the Figma file for your designers, and then copy/paste the below Welcome Letter that you can send new online small group members through an automation via Church Management System.

Hello [ group member name ],

Welcome to the [ day and time ] group. It is my hope and prayer that this group will be a big part in your development as a healthy Christian. There is no doubt that [ series title and or sermon title ] is essential to understand, as we wrap our heads around [ the focus of the series ] and move forward as faithful followers of Jesus. As a parent, husband, man and community leader, I know that this is a big deal, and one we can work through effectively as a small group.

Here is our small group homework [ attach pdf or link to visit the homework online ]. Please work through the content on your own time before we meet together. Be sure to watch the sermon from the weekend, as that is the best way you can prepare for our meeting. If you have any questions about the homework or the sermon, write them down on your phones and bring those question to our group when we meet this week.

While some of you have used online meetings rooms before, this may be a new experience for a lot of you. Because of this, I want to provide the meeting's format for you. That way when you log in, you will know what is going on and understand that this meeting will be intentional and respect your time. Here is what will happen during a typical online group meeting.

  • We will start promptly at [ time ]. I will arrive in the room ten minutes early.
  • I will open us up in a short word of prayer.
  • We will take our time discussing the week's small group questions.
  • Everyone will have an opportunity to engage the subject if they would like.
  • Once we have discussed the questions, I will open it up for free talk for ten minutes.
  • After the free talk, I will close us down in prayer, acknowledging your requests.

The entire meeting will be sixty minutes from beginning to end. The first few minutes of every meeting may be a bit awkward, but that's only because people are still getting used to this. It may not be a home, but it can be a lot of fun once we get going.

I look forward to seeing you this week online. Stay safe. Keep your distance. And remain vigilant. There are a lot of at-risk people out there, and those who are healthy need to do their best not to get them sick. Online groups is one more way we can help.

- Your Name

PS: I will be sending out weekly emails with our group homework and prayer requests.

Group Specifics You Need to Know

  1. Every [ day ] from [ time to time ].
  2. Download Zoom before our first meeting.
  3. Click here [ specific meeting URL ] every time we meet, and it will take you directly to our meeting.
  4. If you need to call in, please call this number: 555-555-5555.
  5. Our meeting ID for this group is: xxx-xxx-xxxx.

PS: If you are new to video conferencing, click on the video and learn how our group will be using Zoom every week.