How to Know if Your Meeting Was a Success

While there are no right answers or a perfect formula, there are certain things that need to be present in order for you to consider a group meeting a success. Below you wills a small group leader's walkthrough that takes you through 12 essentials of a successful small group meeting. This is meant as a starting point for you to consider what your church's win might be for your specific context. As you read through the simple guide, take notes as to what you would add, change, or completely get rid of. Remember: this guide is meant to help, not hurt leadership. We do not want to add too much to the plate's of our small group leaders, so if this is a deal breaker, then do not do it.

A Small Group Leader’s Walkthrough

Small group leadership is paramount to the success of the church and discipleship process. The below guide will help you communicate effectively and encourage interaction.

Before your weekly small group gathering:

  1. Attend a time of teaching and worship.
  2. Review your small group outline.
  3. Spend time in scripture.

During your weekly small group gathering:

  1. Get caught up with one another by sharing the past week of your life.
  2. Read the bible.
  3. Go through the small group outline.
  4. Take notes.
  5. Discuss questions and non-outline related thoughts.
  6. Pray for one another.

After your weekly small group gathering:

  1. Review your notes as to what group members discussed and asked for prayer on.
  2. Pray for your group members.
  3. Follow-up with group members.

This walkthrough is by no means exhaustive and is only a guide that will assist you in building relationships with your small group.