When you are head-down and focused on reaching your long-term goals, it's easy to forget that the best way to reach them are easy wins along the way.

Easy wins are what I would call a momentum makers, and the more wins you have along the way, the greater chance you have at accomplishing your big goals. Easy wins give you a sense of accomplishment. They help your team feel like they are getting things done. They encourage the team, create a greater sense of ownership for shared goals, and make the ride more enjoyable. Without easy wins, there would be no momentum, and anything long-term would be exhausting.

Here are two easy wins (aka: Momentum Makers):

  1. Three Step Process for Content Management Success
  2. Social Media Content Marketing Assessment

Three Step Process for Content Management Success

A template that will help you rank first and fast (with Search Engine Optimization in mind). It takes you through building a post for your website, how to schedule it day by day, and what specifics and measurables you need in order to achieve optimal results.



Social Media Content Marketing Assessment

A template to help you evaluate your social media presence based on the seven core competencies everyone needs to achieve for every platform. Each of the seven competencies is understood and evaluated, so you can know what one competency you need to tackle next in order to build momentum.


If you would like to download the two easy wins, then enter your name and email address and the confirmation will give you immediate access to the resources. We won't hound you with sales pitches or calls; we just want to help out the church and you can bounce anytime you want. In fact, download the templates, change the name and icon, and present it to your team as your own. #BOOM 🔥 That's your third easy win!

Two Easy Wins
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