But we sold out for all the right reasons. 

We coach hundreds of church leaders a year, and one of the things we press hard into them is to cut the fluff and focus on what really makes you stand out in a crowd. We need to heed our own advice. We enjoy church media and creating epic designs for our friends and clients, but it is not what we’re passionate about and is not what makes us stand out in a crowded field.

Meet Rob Hampton

Simple Church Media is his baby now. We could not be more excited. His focus will be continuing to serve the church media world through custom church designs. It’s like what you have now, but so much better!

A Word from Rob

I’ve had the great privilege of serving as a Worship & Creative Pastor in Seattle, WA for 8 years. Over the years I’ve worn many hats between creative ministries, preaching, worship, discipleship, and much more.

One thing I’ve struggled with is feeling like I never have enough time to do what’s most important in ministry – minister! As I thought about this I realized that designing graphics for my church’s weekly needs was one of the biggest offenders of my time. So I’ve set out to solve that problem by working with some incredible designers and friends. Our desire is to see the Church’s communication improved through great customized graphics, and to see ministry leaders and pastors freed up to spend time ministering to the needs of the Church. I’m stoked to begin serving the Simple Church Media family and look forward to supporting you in your ministry calling by creating custom graphics for your church’s needs.

If you are a current Simple Church Media customer, don’t stress!

Rob and his team have your back. They will continue to host your church media online for the next three months. During that time, it’d be wise for you to download the image sets so you don’t lose them forever. Once you’re done downloading everything, hit him up and order some custom designs for your church. You won’t be disappointed!