There is a difference between you and your work.

Scenario: Church planter pushes out new content from their personal blog, then copy/pastes it on their church blog, and then shares from both personal and church social media accounts the exact same content. Users read the content once, then see it again from somewhere else, then again on this social media stream, and then again in another stream. It’s all the same content, with the same voice, and it’s redundant. This is bad content delivery and even worse social media skills.

People need distinct voices in those two areas. They need one for work, and one for pleasure, and a different strategy for sharing each. We want to help you avoid this all too common mistake when creating content for your sites, and keep these two voices separate, distinct, and fresh.

Here are some tips: 

  1. Keep your personal life and work separate.
  2. If life and work overlap, let it overlap and choose a single avenue to share from.
  3. Don’t constantly promote a single piece of content, from any avenue.

If you can follow these three tips, your content for each avenue will have its own distinct voice that the varying groups will naturally be inclined to. Your audiences will come back for more when you push out newer content. And more importantly, you’ll have an audience that truly begins to care about you.