Have you ever been in one those creative meetings that drag on and on and on and on, with no focus. You find yourself hours later, heading back to the office struggling to think of one decision made.

Your creative meeting doesn’t have to be like herding cats. Let us help you by giving you three questions to take into your next creative meeting, that will make your planning clear and successful:

What do you want to accomplish? (Define your win.)
You will not be successful, without first defining what your win is. You will struggle to plan, create, and promote anything, if you do not know what you’re shooting for. Once you have defined success, then you can discuss its value to your church. Every promotion will fall flat, if you cannot communicate why it has value.

How do we get there? (Understand your process.)
Once you know your destination, it’s a lot easier to draw a road map. This is the time when you assemble your strategy and milestones for creating and promoting your project. Make sure to clearly communicate responsibilities and expectations. “We’ll figure it out later” is not a solution.

What are you doing today to get there? (Your next step.)
Depending on your project, the road to success can be long and winding. Make sure to create action items that can begin instantly. Assign and agree upon first steps and milestones. Be sure that work starts today.

The creative process is not a straight line. But it also does not have to look a Jackson Pollock piece. With these questions, you can get your team focused, excited, and moving forward.