Church websites bore me, and their giving pages make me fall asleep. But they don't have to be that way.

In today's broadcast with, we discuss the following questions about online generosity: 

  1. From pastoral ministry to running a creative and marketing agency for churches, you’ve had the opportunity to help many churches with their website and online presence. What’s one big mistake you’ve seen churches make with their website? 
  2. Before talking about online giving pages, you like to emphasize principles of generosity that should influence their church. Talk to us about the principles of generosity a church should embrace. Why should churches start here?
  3. Talking about generosity, most people in the Church want to give. But the church can make it difficult for people to give. Why is that?
  4. For a church to increase giving online, they have to do more than just add it as an option. How can churches better promote their online and mobile giving platforms?
  5. Not every online giving page is created equal. Just because a church has an online giving page doesn't mean someone will actually use it. What are some ways churches can create the perfect giving page?