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How to Save $82,000 a Year for Your Church

A North Coast Church Case Study by Tithely

$82,000 is a lot of money, for any size of church.  A few months ago my friends at Tithely came to me asking about our experience with moving North Coast Church over to Tithely. To give you a little back-story, when we first started discussing the possibility of moving giving providers, we were using no…

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5 Ways to Optimize Your Online Giving Page

Tithely and Russ Cantu on Giving

Church websites bore me, and their giving pages make me fall asleep. But they don’t have to be that way. In today’s broadcast with, we discuss the following questions about online generosity:  From pastoral ministry to running a creative and marketing agency for churches, you’ve had the opportunity to help many churches with their website and…

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Never be satisfied with the minimum standard. When you were in school, what kind of student were you? Were you one to complete the assignments on time, or were you the class clown or a great procrastinator? And when you did complete the assignment and turn it in, did it meet the bare minimum standards…

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Three Keys to Your Online Giving Page

Churches can lose tens of thousands of dollars a year by not making online giving a top priority of their site. We want to help you avoid common errors churches make every day, but first, a few quotes and myths.  No one wants to talk about money in the church. The truth states the opposite. The only people who…

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Giving and Why Churches Fail

“Apparently Giving Tuesday is reason for all the nonprofits that haven’t reached out to me all year to decide it’s time.” – Mark Oestreicher How many of you received more asks from churches and non-profits this week than any other time this year? Our guess is that most if not everyone received more emails and…

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Show Thanks by Serving Others

“True religion is not found in solitude, it’s found in serving others.” – Larry Osborne, North Coast Church As we come into Thanksgiving week in a rush, let us not forget what it’s all about: Giving Thanks. Sure, there is a ton of history that plays into this day: From the founding of our nation,…

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