Brand for Life

Brand for longevity, not immediacy. [Don’t be hip, be eternal.]

Like you, we know who we are and what we are about. Our mission statement is clear, in that we are “creativity that works.” We love what we do and know that we start and end with the church in mind. So when one of our clients launches a new endeavor in a big way, we love to get behind them and encourage them as they achieve their goals and dreams.

Unite Church in Pasadena is launching this week with their first preview service. We are excited to be a part of their journey and are looking forward to seeing lives changed in and around Pasadena.

We were sent a link today that featured them in their local newspaper. Love to see them getting some love and building up good community buzz. They deserve it and the city of Pasadena will be benefitted by the kind of quality church they establish there.

There’s a line in the article that we want to draw your attention to:

“Pastor Snodgrass adds that Unite Church will address current events but that their focus is on building a community of hope.”

Can we narrow in on what is going on here?

You see, a lot of churches tend to focus on an us versus them mentality. They find a current event and then hang their hat on it, as if it is their battle cry and a hill they are willing to die on.

Sometimes this meshes well with their mission, but most of the time, it clashes. While a church can and should discuss the heavy and hard stuff, they should always start with the end in mind: bringing people to Jesus.

Hot topics tend to divide us more often than not. Sure, they can serve as a unifying point, but only for a limited amount of time. Once the buzz is over, the issue is dead. And what you win them with, is what you win them too. Once someone’s core reason for belonging is gone, they will be as well.

The article points out Unite Church’s focus is on building a community of hope, NOT a focus on current events. Herein lies the main point: address the now, but focus on the eternal.

Unite Church will be a church that is relevant in it’s approach and eternal in its mission.

For you, we hope you do the same: Reach your audience where they are at, but always remember to bring them home to Jesus.

How to brand for life, in five simple steps:

  1. Know your mission.
  2. Understand your key focuses.
  3. Keep a narrow focus.
  4. Kill the fluff.
  5. Love your audience.