If you don’t fight for your clients, no one will. 

We recently worked with a client who was being taken advantage of. It happens a lot, and it sucks. They were using an outside provider to work on their back-end CRM (customer relationship management) and charging them more than 500% than their closest competitor while providing less services. They were getting hosed on a monthly basis and it not only was affecting their bottom line, it was affecting their growth potential. We stepped into the fray, worked with their team to understand their plight and their desired outcome, then worked with the outside provider in order to create a sustainable path forward. It wasn’t easy, but nothing worth doing ever is. But we did it. We did it because our clients deserve it. You deserve it.

Our world is savage. We rip, we tear, we break don’t bend. Left to our own devices, we are up a creek without a paddle, heading toward a waterfall of disastrous consequences.

Client work always has this end-game as an option. No one likes it and no one ever enters a new client relationship with this goal in mind. We like to think that client work is a perfect marriage between service provider and client, where we are both in it 100%, working at it every day until we reach the intended results.

It’s never that easy. Sometimes it is, but it’s never perfect. That’s why we fight.

  • We fight for our client.
  • We fight to make things work.
  • We fight for the end goal.
  • We fight to help them succeed.
  • We fight.
  • We fight for our clients, because no one else will.

We are invested in the people we choose to work with. Yes, we fire clients at times. You should too, because you can’t be in bed with people who run contrary to your mission. You need that match made in heaven. You need someone of integrity who is willing to charge the hill and bunker down in the foxhole.

We all need someone to fight for us. 

Take a step back today and look over your landscape. Are the people you serve tired and broken? If so, they may need someone who is willing to fight for them. Choose this day to make a shift, fight for them, and help them see their mission come to fruition.