You Need an App. Like Now.

Before we get into the meat of it all, there are a few items we need to cover. First, there are no such things as smartphones anymore; only phones. Everyone has a connected device and they’re able to play and work online anywhere in the world. The saturation point has reach max capacity. Second, ninety-two percent of all activity on a phone is done via apps. That means that things like checking email and browsing via in-device browser take up less than eight percent of a users time on their phone. For example, if a user handles their phone on the average of 120 minutes a day, they’re in apps for 110 minutes. These two critical items tell you everything you need to know: Everyone has a phone and they’re only using it for apps.

What are you going to do about it?

You really only have two options:

  1. Meet market demands and develop an app for your company.
  2. Fail to meet your audience where they are at.

We get all the arguments against creating an app. “Our website is enough.” “We just paid a developer to create a mobile responsive website. Why would we pay more money for an app?” “Our audience doesn’t really care, so why should we?” Here’s the basic premise and really, bottom line, for all of these arguments: “Who cares what you think?” This may sound caustic, but  isn’t it the company’s job to work for their audience, not against them? If creating an app is cost-effective, simple, and reaches your audience where they are at, then why wouldn’t you remove the one obstacle between you and them?

At a certain point, it comes down to arrogance. Because at the root of this, you are saying that you know better than your audience. You know what? You may be right, but in this matter, you could not be further from the truth. Your audience is longing to connect and connect with you. And if you’re not doing everything you can to work to that end, then you’re not really in the business of serving them, are you?

That’s why we built an app. 

Our audience asked for an app, and even though our website is top-shelf and mobile responsive, we gave them an app. For us, it was a simple case of listening to our audience. We know that at the end of the day, our audience has a lot of options when it comes to brand and web development, social media marketing, SEO and so on. While we don’t want to be the only choice in the market, we want to be their choice in the market. So we listened, and responded, and gave them the app they asked for.

If your audience is asking for something, and that something is aligned with your mission and easy to implement, are you willing to break from your traditions and strike a new course that meets their needs on their terms?

If so, then you’ve now found the reason you need an app. It’s the same reason we would like to encourage you to download our app today. If you do, you could win a free year to Simple Church Media when we send out a push notification to all our users.

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