You measure what matters.

If you’ve been following for any amount of time, you know that we are hard core proponents of creating a strong a consistent brand. We have always pushed for a brand that lasts over the brand that works for the here and now. While people like the new, they love the normative. That’s why things like original Coke remain in people’s refrigerators and Pepsi Clear is no where to be found. Frankly, we are coffee people, but you see the point: people like what they like and do not like to deviate from their routines.

This routine needs to be a part of your brand strategy. People fell in love with your brand for a reason. This reasoning is most likely all over your brand identity, in that it is uniquely you. All things being equal, your audience chose you over your competition because you were different and stood out. This is your greatest point of leverage and the singular component to shout from the rooftops. That’s what brings us to this week’s focus: how do we take our unique offering and communicate it to those who love us and those who are yet to fall in love?

The first step in this strategy is to consider this question: What is the defined and accepted framework of your church?

We break this down further in three sections:

  1. Mission: What are you asking people to embrace in their church home?
  2. Vision: What will happen as your mission is being accomplished?
  3. Values: What helps guide the mission and vision of your church?

Your framework is strategic.

You are asking your framework to do three things:

  1. Help your audience embrace the mission.
  2. Help your audience accomplish the mission.
  3. Help your audience stay within the mission.

How you create opportunities for your audience to embrace your unique mission will define how and when your vision comes to fruition.

Could it be this simple? Could your brand strategy be all about creating opportunities to get your audience on-board with the scope of the church? Yup; it can be and it is. Your unique offering is what attracts and attaches. It is the only thing that makes you, you. Leverage it. That is your strategy. Allow it room to breathe and stand out from a crowded space.

Let you be you.