Don’t define your brand; Discover it.

You don’t define your brand, you discover it. 

“Don’t put the cart before the horse.” “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” Two phrases that perfectly encapsulate this idea, to not define your brand, before you have the opportunity to discover it.

Companies want to create a good name for themselves. But when building a brand, some create this name, before they have an opportunity to make the name. They think to themselves, have board meetings, and then venture out with their brand, before they do proper research, contextualize their message to their clients, and build a strong following first. They set themselves up for failure, before their horse has even left the gate.

What we are trying to do at Catalyst, is set our clients up for success. How are we doing that? We are working through their brand in clear and concise ways that will personalize and customize their unique mission for their intended audience. If that seems a bit wordy, it is. But it is so on purpose. We want our clients to win, and because we want them to win, it takes time and effort. Specifically, this is what that looks like.

Three questions we process through with our clients. 

  1. Why does your company exist?
  2. What are you bringing that is unique to your market space?
  3. How are you going to forge a focused path forward for your specific context?

As we answer these three questions, we are able to get a clear picture of who the company is that we are working for, why they exist and what they want to accomplish, and how to create a brand hat works for them and their audience.

If you can learn anything from this process, learn that as a company, it does not work to simply push forward with your brand. You’ve got to make sure it works for not only you, but also for your audience. And most importantly, it has to make sense, as it accomplishes its intended mission.

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