We tell creatives to let what you love inspire your ideas. To take your passion for the church, preaching, design, etc… and build upon that. Today, we are posing a totally different idea: Let what you hate inspire your ideas.

We all get inspired. We all love what others have accomplished. To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with that. People are doing awesome things and deserve the regard. The problem is when you try to create something built on your inspiration of others.

That approach will only make you a cheap imitation of your inspiration.

What do you hate?

Do you ever see something, and get that pit of your stomach feeling, like everything is tied up in knots? You’re not sure why, but you know a solution is broken. Listen to it! When working for the church, the expectation of excellence is expected and justified. Allow the Spirit to guide you and be prepared to listen. Focusing on problems and instead of solutions creates opportunities for a solution. This approach will always lead to something much greater and more importantly, something unique.

The recipe for original, exceptional content is this simple:

  1. Find something you hate.
  2. Fix it.
  3. Move on.

Take Catalyst Creative for example. We love what other are doing in church marketing and design. We know people are developing great content and original ideas. But for us to create Catalyst Creative solely on that foundation, would lead to being a half decent imitation of those we follow. Instead, we are looking at what’s broken. We look for what can be done better and then set direction. At that point Catalyst becomes a solution that is unique and powerful.

We urge you to take this idea into your next staff meeting and ask the simple question:  It’s not about what we love. What do we hate?