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There Is No Summer Slump; You Just Suck.

Get off your butt and make magic in the Summer while your competition sleeps.

No need to think of it as a slam, even though it totally is. Spring is here and churches are (rightly) gearing up for Easter. They call it the Super Bowl for churches; go time numero uno. They pour capital into events like they’re going out of style, creating egg hunts that last for miles…

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Pray for __________.

The church is leading the way.  Hurricane Harvey. Puerto Rico. Las Vegas. When the going gets tough, the church rises up. But have you heard all the talk about “thoughts and prayers”? The most commonly thrown around verbiage in the tragedy that has been the last two months, has been “My thoughts and prayers are…

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Wi-Fi Hack

Do you want the details of guest at your church? What if someone told you that was not only possible, it was: easy, cost-effective, and automated? Here’s the deal: it is all that and more. So … what’s the catch? Nothing. There is no catch. All you need is internet at your church and a…

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Dream Big Dreams

No one tries to fail, but too many fail to try. They dream big dreams, but fail to get their dreams off the launch pad. They talk with friends, mentors, advisors, and all of a sudden their grandiose dream becomes less a dream and more of a realistic solution. Look, we all like realistic solutions.…

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Connect the Dots in Marketing Your Church

Everyone loves to play Connect the Dots. When parents sit down at a table in a restaurant, they’re going to play with the kids’ menu. They’re going to color, complete the crossword puzzle, stick the stickers, and connect the dots to see what image they have. Playing connect the dots is something we were all taught as…

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Want to win this Sunday?

Easter is like Super Bowl Sunday for churches. It’s the World Series. The Stanley Cup. Wait. No one watches hockey 🙂 But it’s a big deal. Can you and your church leverage this once a year opportunity and take full advantage of people’s responsiveness and openness to the Gospel this weekend? We want to help you…

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