Right now, Catalyst Church Creative is developing a brand new system for STADIA. This system will be centered on web development determination, development, and distribution. We will discuss the why, what, and hows of web development, how to start and finish well in this medium, and how to create a sustainable path forward.

Why are we so excited for this new system? 

  1. We get to help church plants and church planters.
  2. We get to help STADIA plant more churches.
  3. We get to help everyone share their story, better.

Our heart is for the local church. We fully believe that the local church is the single greatest entity that can flip the world upside down with the Good News of Jesus, and we will leverage everything we are to this end.

Look for this to drop this quarter for all new STADIA church plants and planters. We can’t wait for you all to get your hands on this. You’re going to love it!