Effective App Launches

Whatever you do, don’t overthink this.

The average user downloads less than one app a month, spends about four minutes using a church app, primarily uses the app for giving purposes, and only plays around in the sermons and events sections. Therefore, apps are not the tool, but rather another tool at your disposal. You need one, because your people want one, but understand that they are just one more way for you to serve your people and unleash generosity. If you can understand why people want an app and how you can maximize your app for your specific audience, then you can meet needs in real time and stay on-mission.

I created a Church App Guide this week.

If your audience wants an app, then give it to them. If they rebuke it, ditch it. If they just want a way to connect, figure out a way that works for you in your context. That’s why I created this Church App Guide: to help you determine the why, what, and how of your church app, and who may be the best church app provider partner for you. You can read the article below, or click the button to skip the article and go straight to the form and download your assets.

The guide takes you through the ins and outs of church apps, how to have the right perspective and expectation on your app, what your app needs to do and what your church app provider needs to do for you. As a part of the church app guide, I included a quick resource on how to launch your app effectively.

How to have an effective church app launch in seven steps or less. 

  1. How to have the right perspective
  2. A video script
  3. An email script
  4. How to keep the process simple
  5. Landing page and bulletin insert copy
  6. App assets for promotional purposes
  7. Our top three church app providers that work for you

What? No marketing schedule for the app launch? Nope. We originally had one but found that because each church is unique, a standard schedule would not fit for our purposes. If you still want one, hit us up and we can discuss your needs in context. In the meantime, sign up with email below in the “Church App Guide” form and receive all these resources straight to your inbox today.

Church App Guide

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