Congratulations Grace City; you’re two! 

It took a lot to get here, but you did it. People said, “This will never work.” You prayed. People said, “They’re not doing it right.” You stayed faithful. People said, “Their target demographic will never go to church.” You built relationships.

Over and over again, you have showed God’s faithfulness and provision.

It was never about the doubters, but the dreamers. When vision is placed inside the hearts of faithful followers, God empowers a new reality. While the city ebbs and flows, God plants and grows.

You have stayed focused on a singular message, “To be a church for our city that seeks new life in Jesus.” In church and especially church planting, it’s easy to give up and go back to the drawing board when things don’t go your way. You’ve shown that the Gospel is timeless and His vision lasts.

You are a church for your city that seeks new life in Jesus. 

You’re black and white. You’re have and have not. You’re both seasoned and new to Jesus. Young and old. You’re so many things, but most of all, you’re faithful.

And that’s kind of the key right there, isn’t it? 

God never called you to plant a church; He called you to be faithful. Two years later, He has shown you that a prayerful small group in the corner of a backyard can become a growing church that is passionately sharing Jesus with their neighbors throughout University City and San Diego.

Thank you for your faithfulness and for showing us all what it means to truly be a church for the city. Specifically, we want to call out a few things that we are overjoyed with; things we can all learn from. Perhaps if we embrace some of these, we too can have thriving ministries in hard to reach cities.

  • You continue to listen to God’s direction.
  • You are staying faithful to the mission He called you to.
  • You intentionally break down racial, social, and economic barriers.
  • You elevate women in positions of leadership.
  • You empower children to be difference makers.
  • You are building bridges in the schools, community, and city.
  • You are faithful.

Happy second anniversary. Let’s have a blast and number three, four, and so many more.