What if you could increase your social media presence seven-fold? How about fifty-fold? What would you say if we told you that there is a simple and surefire way you can increase your social media presence by more than a hundred-fold, by changing your approach to Facebook?

Facebook regularly undergoes algorithm changes. These algorithms decide how many people read your posts, see your pictures, and watch your videos. Without paying for views, your church’s posts are generally seen by approximately three percent of your audience. That means that if there are 500 people that follow your church’s page, only fifteen people actually see your post.

Want to increase this viewership? Of course you do, and we want to give you the key to making that happen. 

The key: Facebook check-ins. But it’s not just the check-ins that need to happen; it’s the strategy that needs to change. If you can switch this on it’s head, then you can get it to work for you and your church. Here’s how:

  1. Encourage your audience to check-in on Facebook.
  2. Encourage your audience to interact with one another’s check-ins.
  3. Encourage them to use photo and video while checking-in.

End result: an exponentially higher return on your social media strategy. Instead of your single three-percent visibility return, you allow your audience to work for you, and turn their three percent visibility into a combined share a hundred-fold, if only thirty-three people check-in any given weekend.

Winner winner, chicken dinner.

And if you want to see your social media presence increase AND do some good, then check out our friends at Reach. They pair your check-ins with real world good. This month, every time you check-in, Reach donates clothing to children in need.

Your check-ins increase visibility and do real world good. 

Bottom line: If you want to see your social media presence grow through the roof, flip your current strategy on its head and allow your audience to work for you through Facebook check-ins. It will increase your visibility, build your brand, and just maybe, do some real world good as well.