Linktree is Not the Only Link You’ll Ever Need

You do not need Linktree.

Now used by brands such as Mailchimp, MOMA, Red Bull, and Rhett and Link, Linktree is the newest platform to leverage a single landing page for all your links. While the goal is to "... help your audience discover all your important content", it only propitiates the fragmentation it hopes to solve. While a "one size fits all" model works for their purpose, it does not work for your intent, and is not the right recommendation for you.

The goal of your social media presence is to build your brand by sharing a story that develops followers and fans. You cannot hope to convert a new audience member on their first click, and you cannot grow a fan from a single link. What you can do is create an ecosystem that allows users to grab onto you. You are your best asset, and giving links away through Linktree is one click you cannot afford to give away.

Users will give you three clicks and three pages; why waste it?

If you are giving away clicks to Linktree, then you are reducing potential views by 33%. Assuming they don't find what they are looking for right away and need to hunt, just a single extra page means there journey ends there. There is a better option, one that allow for maximum flexibility and engagement; one that is uniquely you.

  1. Create a new landing page on your website.
  2. Give the URL an immediately recognizable link, like "/socials".
  3. Create an introduction to the page so people know your social voice.
  4. Present all of your social media links via buttons or icons.
  5. Display snippets and links to your most popular website content.
  6. Add a contact form on the page below your social links.

Don't give your links away. Don't give someone else your SEO traffic. Stop outsourcing and start creating something better for yourself with a landing page of your own. You deserve it, and your users need it.

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