Move On

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Somewhere along the road, someone told you to stick with your designer.

  • That they’re the best in the world.
  • That they are the only ones who could meet your needs.
  • That they know how to get you there.

Someone said that. They told that to your face. And you believed them.

Now you’re stuck. 

You’re down thousands of dollars, have nothing that shows you are getting anywhere near what you’re looking for, you feel further from the finish line, and you’ve grown increasingly frustrated with the process.

You hate design. You hate designers. And now you hate your friend who told you to stick with it.

Stop listening to them. 

Fire your designers (we do). Tell them it’s just not going to happen. Don’t sugarcoat it and trust in the process, especially when your gut tells you it’s nowhere close to what you’re looking for. Just stop. For your sake, for your designer’s sake, stop.

  • Stop wasting time.
  • Stop wasting money.
  • Stop wasting brain space.


Just fire them. It’s cool. It’s all a part of the design process. Sometimes what you think is a match made in heaven, is a match made in hell. Sometimes it’s like fire and ice, and other times it’s just a lukewarm mess of “whatever”. Don’t accept the bland when you’re looking for something super-spicy.

Just stop. Make a change. Call an audible. We’re all grown adults in the room, right? Nothing is perfect and absolutely everyone understands that sometimes things just don’t work out.

There are thousands of competent designers who can hit it out of the park for you.

You have permission to make a change.

Perhaps someone once told you that you don’t, but you do. You have the power. You control your destination. It’s on you.

The worst thing you can do is accept complacency, take it down a path you never wanted to go down in the first place, and wind up where you were when you started the process. It hurts you, it hurts your designers, and it hurts your brand.

Start right from the beginning with the end in mind, stay the course, and win the day with the right process and the right team.

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