We use the term clients when we refer to those who use our services. But our clients are more than just mere clients; they’re partners. They’re partners with us because we rarely have one and done clients. We have consistent comeback users, who value not only our work, but the relationship we have developed with them. And because we are into developing relationships with our clients, and creating a new kind of culture where they are partners, we better understand one another and can more consistently develop on-point art for them, whether that is brand specific, web development, print production, or something else entirely.

As a creative team, we love this. It makes our job not only easier, but a whole lot more fun. Because when you get to know someone, a church, or a business, you get to truly understand their story at the core level, and for us, that means we get to help them share their story, better…. time and time again!

If you want the same for your clients, or partners, try focusing on the following: 

  1. Value people over projects.
  2. Stay for the end-game, not just your piece of the pie.
  3. Keep coming back to the well.

If you can continue to build this relationship year over year, you will not only see your business grow exponentially, but you will be a part of shaping stories all around the globe. And that; that is some story!