“Where were you when the big one hit?”

Perhaps you were in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, caught in traffic or observing form the side of the beach as the upper section of the Bay Bridge collapsed on top of the lower section. Maybe you remember the 1994 Northridge earthquake in LA that took fifty-seven lives and cost well over $40 billion dollars.

Earthquakes cause nothing but destruction. But they also create opportunity. 

Just two days ago, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake ravaged the heart of Ecuador, taking so far 288 lives and burying so many more below the rubble. As a heavy investor in church planting, we know the people on the ground. We’ve given generously personally and as a church here in San Diego.

How should a church respond in generosity? 

Don’t just pray something; do something. One of the key reasons the early church worked the way it worked and spread the way it spread was because it was generous with reckless abandonment. They gave to all who had need. They elevated the poor up out of the gutter, cared for the widow and orphan, and tended the sick and dying.

The church sets the tone for generosity across the globe. 

That’s where you come in. Generosity must be about responsiveness as much as it is about faithfulness. “See a need, meet a need,” some would say. But more than that, be generous because the Lord of the Harvest has called you to.

So here’s the challenge. 

Pray about the earthquake relief efforts in Ecuador. Become familiar with Compassion International and what they are doing on the ground there. Learn about STADIA and how they are on the ground assisting in relief efforts already through their churches who are heavily invested in that community. Then do something.

Generosity is responsive. It’s time for you to be. 

For updates about STADIA’s Ecuador church plants and sponsorship programs affected by the earthquake, go HERE or donate directly below.