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Connection Cards Still Matter

My wife is currently undergoing her second round of chemotherapy. For the next few weeks she will be constantly exhausted and mentally drained. She will take longer to walk to the car, have less energy to eat, and feel nauseous at even the slightest smell.   Side effects are expected. There are things that can lessen…

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What About Monday?

What if we took every weekend as seriously as we took Easter weekend?  Easter is a big deal, right? There were churches who elevated their Easter services, and others that made it just like every other Sunday. Some catered their messages to the first-time guest and others stayed the course and kept on preaching out of…

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2017 Church App Recommendations

Skip the article and just download the app features and comparison chart. What’s better: In-N-Out or Five Guys?  You could ask thousands of people around the country and you would get a split evenly down the middle. Out here in California, we are a little biased. Here in San Diego, we are especially biased. In-N-Out…

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App or Mobile?

Should I focus on an app or mobile-first website for my church? We get this question a ton, but it’s the wrong question. The answer may surprise you, because you actually need both. Let’s find out why. Let’s start by first asking, does my church need an app? We recently wrote a post on this…

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Welcome Dessert Script

What do you do when a guest comes into your home? You welcome them in, give them something to drink right away, and make them feel like they belong there. But what happens when they show up to your church? Do you know your next right step? And what if they want to know more…

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Want to win this Sunday?

Easter is like Super Bowl Sunday for churches. It’s the World Series. The Stanley Cup. Wait. No one watches hockey 🙂 But it’s a big deal. Can you and your church leverage this once a year opportunity and take full advantage of people’s responsiveness and openness to the Gospel this weekend? We want to help you…

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