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There Is No Summer Slump; You Just Suck.

Get off your butt and make magic in the Summer while your competition sleeps.

No need to think of it as a slam, even though it totally is. Spring is here and churches are (rightly) gearing up for Easter. They call it the Super Bowl for churches; go time numero uno. They pour capital into events like they’re going out of style, creating egg hunts that last for miles…

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Summer BBQ Resource Kit

It’s only kosher because it’s printed on non-pork paper. This Summer BBQ resource kit will help you build a hungry crowd for your next cook off, while allowing you to share it online in a fun and professional manner. Just remember: just because it looks like bacon, doesn’t mean it is bacon. Download this free resource today,…

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Summer Kid’s Camp Resource Kit

This week we are dropping TWO FREEBIES on you! One today, and another hot potato Friday. Today we’re bringing you our Summer Kid’s Camp Resource Kit; everything you need to do to run your Vacation Bible School for your church. Download this resource and get access to all our other freebies, all in one location. We…

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