As a growing design firm, we preach a lot of things here at Creative. One of those things is social media. You’ll notice this in video four of Creating a Web Presence that Lasts. Social media is such a gorilla these days because everyone is online. We tell our clients, stop trying to make new avenues with people, and instead meet them where they are at. And because they are online, you better be as well.

That’s why we say “use it or lose it.” What do we mean by that? Well, we actually mean white a few things. When we say use it or lose it, we are saying:

  • Use your influence online, otherwise you will have none.
  • Use social media regularly, before your audience forgets about you.
  • Use social media to promote and engage your audience, or watch followers disappear.

The list can continue to go on and on, but the low down truth of social media is that it is a tool that every business can leverage to their advantage. And because everyone is online in one way shape or form, we should be as well. So take this away from this short article:

  • Get online now, and meet your audience where they are at.
  • Engage your audience regularly, so they stay your audience.
  • Never stop talking, because your audience wants to know what you have to say.