you dont have a process

You don’t have a process until you write it down.  

No matter what ministry you are leading, it’s a team sport. A team needs a game plane, it needs a process. You may think that your team knows their roles and you have a process. But the truth is you don’t have a process until it’s written down. Writing down your process is a guaranteed way to improve the quality and moral of your team. We want to give you a few reasons why.

• Writing it down makes the abstract tangible.

Writing down your process takes a thought and makes it a tangible object. Having your process written down gives you the ability to take a step back and see your process as a whole. You now have something that can be edited and refined. It’s so often that you can’t see the most simple solution until it’s written down.

• Writing it down creates an opportunity for collaboration.

You can’t collaborate if everything is in your head. Getting your process down on paper will allow opportunities to collaborate with your team members. You are only seeing one side of the task, your side. Collaborating with your team will lead to an effective and cohesive process.

• Writing it down builds equity.

Writing down your process and collaborating will build equity between you and your team. Collaboration naturally creates a culture where team members know they are valued and involved. Your team will be more apt to stand behind your leadership knowing they have been heard and seen your investnent into your ministry’s processes.

Writing down your process seems like a small step, but the benefits are immeasurable. Having an effective and healthy ministry is not hard to get. You just need to write it down.

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