How can you best reach your audience online? 

We’ve already shown in past blogs just how difficult this challenge is, where with the changes to Facebook algorithms and how often a post may or may not show up online. We’ve give you tips on how to make a large splash through Facebook check-ins, and even given you keen insight into running Facebook dark posts.

The keyword here is best. There are a lot of ways to reach your audience online, but only a few truly work. What we want to do today is give you ten simple steps to remember when crafting your next Facebook ad buy. If you follow these ten steps, you will have a greater return on your investment, and thus, have a greater likelihood of achieving your end goal.

10 Steps to Perfect Facebook Ads

  1. Narrow your target audience. If you make it too broad, you’ll waste money on people who don’t really care what you have to sell. People want ads specific to who they are and what they’re all about. Therefore, give it to them.
  2. Choose a Facebook ad strategy that works for that audience. Do you want likes or lead generation? Likes can create a large community response if you’ve chosen to target to your immediate audience local. But if your campaign is spread out, then choose something like clicks that will drive your audience to take the next right step.
  3. Create a captivating tag line. Keep it short and memorable. Every high quality company knows how to do this well: “Just do it.” “A diamond is forever.” “The ultimate driving machine.” “Milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand.” If you don’t have this, stop, and create a tag line that works.
  4. Keep your sub-text to 140 characters and include the “why-what-how” strategy. Everything you do should have a clear next right step. Remembering to explain why you’re doing something, what it’s about, and how people can get onboard is mission critical.
  5. Grab an image that works for your context. Everybody likes cat videos and pictures of puppies, but images like these don’t work for ad buys. That makes sense, right? So if we’re clear on that, then understand that not all images works for all contexts. Choose one that works for your hyper refined context, and lean into it.
  6. Perfect your landing page with clear next steps. Remember the why-what-how strategy from #4? This is a repeat of this, taking a cue from the Facebook lead generator buy and having your audience click the link. If you can nail this down, you’ve got three out of your five necessary touches. That means you’re more than halfway there. PS: Make sure your website pops!
  7. Run an A/B test. Create two different ads with a very limited budget. Tweak the images, tagline, content, and perhaps strategy. Then after a period of time, choose which one worked the best according to your specific and measurable results and go larger with that campaign.
  8. Limit your ad time for maximum interest. Run your campaign for less than a week for maximum buzz. That way you know you’re reaching your intended audience and giving them the best chance to click or take the next right step. After that week, spin up a new campaign if needed, and roll it out for another week.
  9. Kill it before it becomes white noise. No one likes a banging gong, right? The same rule applies to ads. We hate it on YouTube and we hate it on social media. Too many sponsor ads make us want to give up the platform or click “HATE” on the organization that keeps sending them out.
  10. Don’t do ads too often. Do you want to be known as an organization that cares about their audience, or the one that is always sending people ads? Choose to be known by your character, and not the business you promote on ad channels.