How to Create Amazing Images for Social Media

“If you want to reach your audience, then you must reach them where they are at.”

And where are they? They’re on social media, to the tune of over 92%. The thing is, it’s not just that you need to reach them on social media, but that you must also be able to start and engage with them as well. The numbers tell the majority of the story of church social media engagement. check it out:

  • The average post is seen on Facebook around 3%.
  • Let’s assume your post is a text-only post. That’s engaged with about 25% of the time.
  • That means the average text-only post is seen about 0.75% of the time.
  • Add an image to that post and it will be engaged with 7 times more, or around 5.25%.
  • If you decide to add a video to the image bumper, then that number jumps to 52.5%.

Are you interested in learning how to create amazing images for social media, so you can reach and engage people online? In today’s post, we have created a visual essay with rules for you to follow.