Everything that can be automated, should be automated. 

If you’re a church that records their sermons, this is usually a time-consuming and lengthly process. From setting reminders to record, to training volunteers to capture audio and video, to mixing the track and exporting the file; this is not a simple process. In fact, it’s one of top the reasons why churches don’t record their messages.

But what if recording sermons was as simple as the Ronco Rotisserie?

With Proclaim’s new sermon audio recording feature, it’s as easy as “Set it and forget it.” Truly, it is that simple. Simply add the start and end points in your presentation, and it automatically sets up the recording for you [ see it in action ].

This is a critical next step in worship presentations, as it combines all the features you need in one seamless package. From here on out, you just build your show, and Proclaim does it for you. And when your services are over, just drop and drag the saved file into your website, podcast engine, or sermon player.

If you’re a pastor or church looking to up your game in presentation and sermon audio recording, make your life easier and sign up for Proclaim today. They’ll even throw in a 30-day trial for free (includes access to our media library for free).