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4 Things to Understand Before Developing a Java App for Your Church

When it comes to developing an app for your church in Java, it can seem like a huge hurdle at first. After all, there are various factors to consider. And having the right strategy can help you avoid common pitfalls that many churches fall into. So avoid key mistakes and use the following four tips…

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Effective App Launches

Whatever you do, don’t overthink this. The average user downloads less than one app a month, spends about four minutes using a church app, primarily uses the app for giving purposes, and only plays around in the sermons and events sections. Therefore, apps are not the tool, but rather another tool at your disposal. You…

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The Dreaded Church Bulletin

Before we get started, we know that absolutely everyone and their mother has an opinion on church bulletins. However, this is not about an opinion, but a reasonable way forward that makes sense for both the church and the people they serve. All we ask is that you sit back, take it all in, and…

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The ‘WHY’ Behind Your Church’s Need for Mobile and Online Giving in 2017

Online giving, mobile giving, and text giving are MAJOR topics in the Church! But why? Churches shouldn’t make huge financial decisions just because everyone is hopping on the latest and greatest trends, right? But, if you dig a little and pay attention to the world of payments and consumer habits, you’ll find information that will serve you…

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2017 Church App Recommendations

Skip the article and just download the app features and comparison chart. What’s better: In-N-Out or Five Guys?  You could ask thousands of people around the country and you would get a split evenly down the middle. Out here in California, we are a little biased. Here in San Diego, we are especially biased. In-N-Out…

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The Best Church App Platforms

Post Update 3/15/17: After reviewing this post for a new article we are developing, we discovered that some of our information for Aware3 is out of date and needs to be adjusted. The corrected rates and cost for Aware3 for May 2016 is the following:  $0 down with a 5% Giving Rate or $1188 down and a 3% Giving Rate.…

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