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“F This!” Three Filters that Will Help Your Leadership Development Process

“F This”  You’ve probably heard this often around the office, if not subtly under someone’s voice. One of the biggest challenges we face in releasing young eagles is the ability to let them soar on their own terms, while under the direction of leadership. Leadership can be frustrating, boxing in these eagles with rules and…

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WP Church Theme

Your website is the digital front door for your audience. Your job is to make it easy for them to walk through.  The most difficult challenge for the church is to get people through the front doors of the church. The most effective tool to reach them where they’re at is your church website. That’s…

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It’s Coming: STADIA!

Right now, Catalyst Church Creative is developing a brand new system for STADIA. This system will be centered on web development determination, development, and distribution. We will discuss the why, what, and hows of web development, how to start and finish well in this medium, and how to create a sustainable path forward. Why are we so…

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