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Website Evaluation

If it only took you thirty minutes to take your website from zero to hero, would you take the time to make it right?  Your website is the digital front door to  your audience; you need to make it easy for people to walk through. I want to help make it easy for you. That’s…

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Three Keys to Your Online Giving Page

Churches can lose tens of thousands of dollars a year by not making online giving a top priority of their site. We want to help you avoid common errors churches make every day, but first, a few quotes and myths.  No one wants to talk about money in the church. The truth states the opposite. The only people who…

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How do I know what to say on my website?

As a general rule, you start with the end in mind. We like to start every client and project off by answering three important questions: Why is it important to your audience? What will happen if they take the next step? How will things be better for them? If you answer these questions, then you can…

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How do I know what to put on my website?

Reminder: Simplicity is success. The object of your website is not to wow your audience, but rather to help them take their next right step and visit you in person. According to Google, 65% of people make the decision to visit you in person AFTER they visit you online. Your goal is to help them…

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Where does real web engagement happen?

While the screenshot rule states that the majority of engagement occurs within the initial load screen, the truth of the matter is that 92% of the time, people navigate through the main menu.  Everyone agrees that it is important to have a contextual and appealing front page and website, the stats state that the most important piece…

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Church Website Best Practices

We are creativity that works … for you. Over the past few years, we have developed some of the strongest relationships in the church world in order to get the very best information into your hands, as fast as possible. We’ve done a ton of research on what makes a church website work, especially in…

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