It doesn’t matter if you are a small church in rural America, or one of hundreds in the heart of a major city, your church can rule the web. There’s this great church in Anaheim, Ca that is just killing it, proving this very point. They’re a little over 200 people, in a city with over 330 searchable churches, and they are in the midst of churches like Saddleback and Eastside Christian Church. How then can a little church like this make such a large splash?

The formula they have followed is not secret. In fact, we give it away to every web client we work with. The thing is, they actually follow it. In short, we would like to give you the very same advice that we have given to them, so you can rule your space in the web.

  1. Dial in your SEO to perfection.Too many websites fly under the radar, and the crazy thing is, most can be solved by just flipping a switch. We love building out a site with Genesis by Studiopress, because with Genesis, you just need to input data on the SEO settings page, and you’re solid. If you’re creating content, you can also set specific searchable titles, short content section, and terms. Need to make a bigger splash? Then drop in the whole suite of Yoast and let kitty purr.
  2. Create sharable content. Pastors love to talk, but you know what? Not a lot like to write, and less like to write publicly. The thing is, someone has too. And if you’re not writing, you must be creating events, adding sermon notes, uploading sermons, etc … into your site. The key here is to create content that your audience would naturally want to share, and do it. [ Download our Social Media Content Calendar ]
  3. Engage with your audience. Have you ever received a gift from someone and forgot to tell them thank you? How do you think that made that person? Probably 10x worse than you felt when you finally realized you made the error. The same thing goes for when you share content online, people either comment or share, and you just sit back and watch. People are taking your hard work and giving you credit for it; show them some respect and thank them, engage with them more, and watch as they do more for you.
  4. Repeat. SEO is hard to get right, but it’s possible. Creating sharable content is difficult as well, but you can do it. Engaging others is natural, but we have to remember to actually do it. But if you can dial in the SEO, create sharable content, and engage, and then do this several times a week, you will find yourself ruling the web space around you. You will become king of the hill, top dog, and the results will be a higher search return, a top half of first page result. And in the church world, that’s just plain money.

Want to rule the web? Follow these four rules, and watch as your audience grows, both online and in person. May God bless your efforts, and expand your reach as you remain faithful to the mission He has called you to.

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