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Does my church need an app?

If you’re a client of ours, the easy answer is no. But … the question isn’t so simple. All of our web projects are mobile responsive out of the box. No code, hooks, updates, etc… required to make them soar as good on mobile as they do on desktop. What we have created for you…

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Our Top Tools: Everypost

It’s safe to say that if you’re not engaging your audience on social media, you’re missing a huge opportunity. With more than 90% of your audience connected to the internet, and most with smartphones, your audience is craving information. In fact, they want your information; they just don’t know what you have to say. Understand that…

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Why Mobile Apps?

“If your church was gone tomorrow, would anyone notice?” This dramatic quote will lead us into our focus for today: “Why Mobile Apps?” Because we are a design house from the church for the church, we want to help answer this question by laying out three reasons why every church needs an app. Apps Create…

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Remove Every Obstacle

When public speaking, they tell you to remove whatever obstacles are between the speaker and the audience. When you do this, it creates a better bond and an opportunity for the audience to more easily lean into the communicator. Yet, you will also notice that in most cases of public speaking, the speaker still uses…

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