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How to Use Google My Business for Your Church

Is your church listed on Google My Business? When you’re busy leading your congregation and performing the countless other tasks of running a church, you probably don’t think much about online tools such as this. Nonetheless, creating a Google My Business listing can benefit your church in several ways. What Is Google My Business Google…

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How to easily measure everything you do online.

While visits and unique users are important, engagement is key. Your website traffic matters, but it is not the baseline that determines where you are succeeding or failing with your website. While it can help paint the overall picture of the site, it is only a small portion of it. You need to narrow in…

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You Need an App. Like Now.

Before we get into the meat of it all, there are a few items we need to cover. First, there are no such things as smartphones anymore; only phones. Everyone has a connected device and they’re able to play and work online anywhere in the world. The saturation point has reach max capacity. Second, ninety-two percent of…

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Our Top Tools: Dropbox & GoogleDrive

“Did you get my email attachment?” That’s a phrase slowly going the way of the buffalo. File sizes and expectations of download speeds have grown. Cloud based storage is no longer optional for your creative team. That’s why this week our team wants to share the tools that help us continue to push the boundaries.…

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