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Why Copywriting Matters for Churches and How to Get Better

Clear copy creates conversions. Crappy copy causes confusion.

Clear copy creates conversions. Crappy copy causes confusion. Is that clear enough? The problem with so many church websites is that so many of them take this as their opportunity to cram every little bit of information down their audience’s throat, just to see if something sticks. Sure, the image is nasty as heck, but…

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Churches: Stop Having a Website for Every Ministry

Churches can and should get better at developing multi-site websites.

“Designers are a dime a dozen, but good designers and developers are at their core, brand strategists.” When it comes to a church’s digital presence, the worst thing the church can do outside of not having a digital presence, is having the wrong kind. Specifically, I want to narrow the focus on churches that have…

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SEO Checklist

If you aren’t on the first half of the first page, then you are fighting an uphill battle against people who have more traffic, better optimizations, and constant content. I want to make it easy for you to rank fast and first, but in a way that anyone on your team can handle. In less than…

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How to easily measure everything you do online.

While visits and unique users are important, engagement is key. Your website traffic matters, but it is not the baseline that determines where you are succeeding or failing with your website. While it can help paint the overall picture of the site, it is only a small portion of it. You need to narrow in…

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How to Rank High in Google

SEO gets you found first and fast in search engine results. If your website is SEO-ready, that means every piece of content you publish will let search engines know you are alive and well. The better your SEO, the more you post, and the more your content is engaged with, the higher your church will…

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Is Your Church Missing These?

“Your website is the digital from door for your audience. Make it easy for them to walk through.” While you’re making it easy for them to walk through, you might want to take a look at your website and make sure it has everything it needs. You see, we work with dozens of clients on…

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