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Success is Sexy and You Are Not

It's not about vision; it's about you.

While both mission and vision are good, success is great and the number one indicator of continued success. Past is prologue, right?  There’s this huge misnomer in leadership development, in that your mission and vision are the most critical component of your future growth. While they are critical, they are not imperative; success is. We say…

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Four Ways to Lead with Specificity

I want to show you the reasons behind the why and how to lead with specificity, because nothing gets a team off the tracks faster than a lack of specifics and measurables.  I think we’ve all been a part of a team where the team leader tells you what they want done, but they give…

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Hold Onto Your Mission

This weekend we witnessed history. Starting with the inauguration of President Donald Trump and leading into the largest one day protest rally ever, the Women’s March on Washington. The weekend was transformative for so many Americans, yet for many more, cemented the idea that we are divided as a nation, and that this division does not…

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Project Timeline Flowchart

Do you know who does what and when for your next project?  We’re not here to judge; we’re here to help. Sometimes we put the cart before the horse. Sometimes the cart is out in the distance without a horse. Not every church can afford an admin and not every admin knows how to run…

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On Project Objectives and Timelines

“Whatever isn’t measured doesn’t matter.” Analytics drive the all important game of audience engagement. If you are a teacher, you were taken through a system of metrics in your credentialing process known as SMART goals. These SMART goals are the metrics you use to make sure the things you teach your students are the things…

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The Project Objective Filter

Why do you do what you do and how do you do it?  Burger King and McDonalds have hundreds of options while In N Out just has a few. While one wants a more complete menu, the other wants a better burger. It’s the difference between attempting to satisfy everyone on the planet versus your specific…

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